WARRIORS: Midnight, The new prophecy

May 2, 2008 at 1:25 pm (uncategorized)


Finished date: April

Rating: 8.5/10


Primary conflict: StarClan has sent a prophecy to one cat from every clan. They are told that great trouble is coming to the forest. The next day, Brambleclaw gets another dream that he was drowning in salty water . He woke up with the bitter taste of salt in his mouth. He and the other chosen cats meet and decides to go to the sun-drown-place (their name for the sea, because of the way it looks like the sun sinks into the water). They have been told that once they have gone there, Midnight will tell them a message.. Their first problem is to get to the sun-drown-place.

Best part: Eventually, they reach the sun-drown-place and enter a cavern. They rest there until midnight for the promised sign but as they settle in, they smell an unfamiliar scent. They all jump to their feet as the black and white head of a badger comes out of the cavern. The 6 cats surround the badger, ready to leap. Then the badger spoke;

“You have come at last,” said the badger, to the cats surprise. “I am Midnight. I am the one StarClan promised you to tell you a message.”

The badger told the cats how the twolegs would invade the forest with their giant monsters to make more thunderpaths (roads and highways). At last, the message was given but now they have to go back to their forest and deliver it.


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WARRIORS: Darkest Hour – Erin Hunter

May 2, 2008 at 5:19 am (adventure, fantasy)


Finished date:

Rating: 9/10


Primary conflict: The bloodthirsty Tigerstar establishes a new plan to conquer the forest. He goes outside the forest to forge alliances between cats from the Twolegplace. In the Gathering, TigerClan announces that the 4 clans should join together to make TigerClan. RiverClan had already accepted to join the tribe but WindClan and ThunderClan refuse. To convince them to join, TigerClan show Bloodclan (the cats from the twolegplace) to threaten the remaining clans. Tigerstar commands “Attack”! but no one moves. Firestar uses this chance to tell the BloodClan cats why TigerStar was exiled from their clan. Tigerstar attacks Scourge (BloodClan leader) but Scourge expertly dodges it and with one swift blow, kills Tigerstar, taking his nine lives with him. Now they face a new danger. Scourge threatens all the clans to leave the forest in 3 days or BloodClan will fight them off. Now they must all join to defeat BloodClan and save the forest.

Best part: The climax in this book is the great battle. Firestar reasons that if he kills Scourge (BloodClan Leader) his followers would leave and return to Twolegplace. Firestar is lean and strong but not as strong as Tigerstar. He knew Scourge would kill him but with 9 lives, he was relatively confident that he could do it. Firestar leaps at Scourge, raking at his fur but Scourge gets away and jumps up scratches FIrestar between his eyes. Scourge dodges Firestar’s lunge and slits his throat with his outstretched claws. So this was what it feels like to die, Firestar thought as he was plunged into darkness. He sees many cats crouching around him in an unknown place but he soon recognized his former leader: Bluestar(Who is now dead and is with StarClan where all cats go when they die). She comes up to him and says:” You have lost a life. Go back and fight for the forest where you belong,” and with that, Firestar was back in the clearing with screeching cats. Scourge was terrified at the sight of Firestar running toward him. Scourge didn’t believe in StarClan so he didn’t believe a leader had 9 lives either. Taken by surprise, Scourge is pinned to the ground where Firestar bites his throat and Scourge dies. “Scourge is dead!” the BloodClan said and retreated to their real homes.

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WARRIORS: A Dandgerous Path – Erin Hunter

March 30, 2008 at 9:05 am (uncategorized)

Finished date: 26 March



Primary conflict: Since Tigerstar became the Shadowclan leader, ThunderClan doubled their patrols in fear for an invasion. All the ThunderClan cats are exhausted from the doubled patrols, and rebuilding the camp that was ruined by the fire. Yet there is still another threat lurking in the woods. There seems to be a monster capable of killing anything in the wilderness. The cats, who did not use to have natural enemies, suddenly become prey instead of hunters. Fireheart must save the clan from these monsters before the whole clan is destroyed.

Best part: Fireheart has finally come up with a plan save the clan from the monsters. Fireheart will lead them into the river for them to drown. Surely even a ferocious guard dog won’t be able to survive the water’s current. As the dog starts running towards Fireheart, he could feel their breaths on his back. He suddenly jumps onto a tree just beside the river and the dogs have too much momentum to stop. But one dog stops and starts biting at Fireheart he is just a paw step away from the dog. When suddenly a cat rams into the dog and pushes it into the river. But at the same time, the dog grabs onto the cat and pulls her down with her. Fireheart stares with horror when he realizes the cat was Bluestar. Fireheart plunges into the water to rescue Bluestar, but he and Bluestar are both pulled by the current. Suddenly, the weight of Bluestar lightens from his jaws. He sees to RiverClan cats pulling him and Bluestar out of the river.

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WARRIORS: Rising Storm – Erin Hunter

March 30, 2008 at 8:35 am (fantasy)

Finished date: 24 March

Rating: 9/10


Primary conflict: The young deputy; Fireheart has his role as the deputy of ThunderClan. Most of the cats are still shocked about Tigerclaw’s disloyalty and many warriors are badly injured. The clan leader Bluestar is a shadow of her former self, her mind having been damaged by the shock, so it’s Fireheart who must supervise the daily life of the cats. He does his best to lead and to represent the clan, to bring important decisions, to find solutions, to handle ominous omens. He also has to train his disrespectful nephew and apprentice Cloudpaw. Meanwhile, a huge fire storms the camp and destroyes the camp as well as the lives of many cats. Fireheart has to save the camp all by himself for Bluestar is too shocked to take leadership.

Best part: Near the end of the book, the three clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan) are waiting for the ShadowClan cats to arrive at the Gathering. Soon, the ShadowClan medicine cat (Runningnose) arrives and says that the ShadowClan leader is dead. The WindClan leader asks who the ShadowClan leader and he replies and says you’ll see. Soon, a group of cats emerge from the Shadows and Fireheart gasps as he realizes that the ShadowClan leader was Tigerclaw.

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WARRIORS: Forests of Secrets – Erin hunter

March 28, 2008 at 2:23 pm (fantasy)

Finished date: 20 March

Rating: 9/10


Primary conflict Fireheart is determined to find out the truth about the power hungry Tigerclaw, suspected of killing the former clan deputy. Fireheart, tries to uncover the truth about Tigerclaw. He even tries traveling to other clan’s territory to learn the truth about the battle where Redtail (former clan deputy) died. But when he starts uncovering the truth, he suddenly gets pulled into a whole lot of danger.

Best part: The book reaches it’s climax when a group of rogue cats attack the ThunderClan camp. Fireheart’s defending the camp when he realizes that Tigerclaw is gone. Fireheart sends an apprentice to fetch back the patrols and the clan fights back. Meanwhile, in Bluestar (ThunderClan leader) Tigerclaw comes into her den and attacks her. Fireheart comes just in time to save Bluestar, but Tigerclaw is big and strong so they are equally matched. Another warrior comes in and they manage to pin tigerclaw down. In the end, Tigerclaw is exiled from the clan and Fireheart is appointed deputy.

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WARRIORS: Fire and Ice – Erin Hunter

March 25, 2008 at 4:15 pm (fantasy)

Finished date: 17 March 


Rating: 9/10

w-fire-and-ice.jpgPrimary conflict: The newly made warrriors; Fireheart and Graystripe, are on their first mission. That is to bring Windclan back to it’s territory. They succeed, but on their way back, they are ambushed by Riverclan and they accidentally kill a RiverClan warrior by pushing it into the river. They manage to escape, from the help of ThunderClan reinforcements but Fireheart knows RiverClan will be coming for revenge for their lost warrior. That’s not the only problem Thunderclan (Fireheart’s and Grastripe’s clan) is facing. There seems to be a traitor in ThunderClan and Fireheart needs all his strength to spot him/she/it before it’s too late.

 Best part: While on their way back, Fireheart and Graystripe are attacked by a RiverClan patrol and the tired ThunderClan cats are no match for the fresh and well rested RiverClan cats. Although hopeless, Fireheart and Graystripe know they could not possibly win, they preffered fighting than being a prisoner. They bit and clawed until the place was a bloodbath. Soon afterwards, the Thunderclan reinforcements came and slaughtered the tiny RiverClan patrol.

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CHERUB: Mad Dogs – Robert Muchamore

March 25, 2008 at 3:03 pm (spy novel)

Finished date: March 7th

Rating: 9/10


n220463.jpgPrimary conflict: 2 CHERUB agents; Michael and Gabrielle are sent on a high risk mission to infiltrate the gang known as the Slasher boys. However, this gang is attacked by another gang known as the Runts. Gabrielle ends up being stabbed and is very seriously injured. Next, CHERUB tries to infiltrate another big gang known as the Mad Dogs. James and a karate champion Bruce Norris are sent on the next mission to arrest the gangs. As soon as James and Bruce are taken into the gang, the streets explode into a gang war. James and Bruce have to get out of the streets without getting killed or seriously injured like the previous agent.

Best part: The most action packed scene in this book is storming of an airport. James and Bruce have to carry guns and body armor for their safety. The gang is made of outlaws and criminals, who can’t stay away from their criminal thefts. Today, James and some Mad dogs members come to steal some imported/expensive things. Thanks to the to CHERUB agents, the police are informed before it’s too late. When the Mad Dogs gang find the police waiting, it turns into a shootout, but the gang is hopelessly outnumbered. The gang members start trying to flee but the police catch them and arrest more than 40 gang members.

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CHERUB: The Fall – Robert Muchamore

March 22, 2008 at 10:55 am (spy novel)

Finished date: March 1st

Rating: 9/10


the-fall.jpgPrimary conflict: James Adams along with 2 MI5 agents are working on a case to investigate on Denis Obidin. However, the mission goes disasterously wrong when the 2 MI5 agents murder their prime suspect. James needs all his courage and experience to get out of Russia alive.

Best part: After coming home from the hard time in Russia, James and his friends gather money for James and takes him motorcarting and on the next day, they go to a spa hotel. While James and his friends are motorcarting, James is in second place, while his girlfriend Kerry speeds up and catches up to James. Up ahead, there is a small ramp only big enough room for one motorcart. As James sees that, he speeds up right beside Kerry. Kerry soon realizes what’s happening and breaks, but she is too late. she crashes into some cushions and ends up screaming at James.

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CHERUB: Man vs Beast – Robert Muchamore

March 22, 2008 at 8:13 am (spy novel)

Finished date:  March 1st

Rating: 9/10


n179478.jpgPrimary conflict: The Malarek Research was had resently recieved an arson attack by the Animal Freedom Militia.  James, Lauren and Kyle have to be taken into this group to find out who is in the group before they commit any more crimes.

Best part: Lauren and  5 people from the Animal Freedom Militia invade a dog testing company’s dog houses. The puppies are treated very badly and they end up playing with their own waste while waiting for the dog cleaners come to their cage every month. There are so many dogs  to be rescued but the worst part is when they have to wash them most of the people start puking, including Lauren, even though she loves the poor puppies.

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WARRIORS: Into the Wild – Erin Hunter

March 12, 2008 at 2:27 pm (fantasy)

Finished date: 12 March

Rating: 9/10


Primary conflict: Firepaw, who was just taken into Thundeclan as an apprentice.In a battle to re-occupy a region known as Sunningrocks, the ThunderClan deputy (second in command) loses his life. Firepaw soon learns that the deputy was not killed by the enemy clan, but by Tigerclaw, a power-hungry fellow clan member who is later appointed as deputy, and becomes the main antagonist of the series. However, he must keep the secret to himself as he can’t prove his suspicions. Firepaw and his friend Graypaw try to help Ravenpaw escape from the forest as Tigerclaw is suspected to try killing him for knowing about his secret.

Best part: Firepaw is hunting in the woods when he smells an unfamiliar cat scent lurking in Thunderclan territory. He drops into a hunting crouch and follows the terrible scent. He sees yellow cat hunting in his territory! He pounces on the big female cat and she tumbles over, surprised. The cat is strong, but now she is starving and is about the same strength as Firepaw an apprentice who had just eaten. Firepaw is quick and manages to beat down the intruder. He is overexcited with himself and he for beating a fully grown warrior while he was an apprentice. The cat tells him to kill her, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. So he decides to feed her and brings her to his camp. The clan leader punishes him and his punishment was to take care of the female cat.

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